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About us

rziThe Regional Health Inspectorate of Stara Zagora is an administrative structure of the Ministry of Health which organizes and implements the state health policy in the territory of Stara Zagora Region. The website of RHI Stara Zagora is useful to all of you: medical specialists and citizens.

Here you can find information about all the administrative services provided by us.

The website of RHI Stara Zagora gives access to normative acts, analyzes and reports, statistical information on the health and demographic status of the population and the health network.

On the website of RHI Stara Zagora you can report a corrupt practice you have established, download the required sample documents, forms and instructions.

Here you will find information about the activities of the specialized offices in the RHI - Immunization, the CABCIS, the consulting room for prevention of addictions and the fight against stress, information materials for health education and the medical and other researches carried out in RAS laboratories.

On this website you can get information about up-to-date news and upcoming health events in the region and the country. Looking forward to your ideas, suggestions and recommendations for our work, we would be grateful if you take time to fill in the questionnaire developed by us.

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